Song Mortal Love DV 4:3 or 14:9, 3:20 min. USA/Germany 2009

singer / songwriter / selfportraits / drawings:  Dwayne Jahn
beat / music production:  Mordz Recordz aka Max Spona

video / production:  Ebba Jahn

Exploration and personal expression of a young man are at the root of this video:

a poem-like song text was first, a beat created by a friend followed, then a melody was composed on top of the beat. Later they fulfilled their mission during several nights in the record studio and a song was born.

Singer/songwriter Dwayne had experimented over time with a computer camera,

with which he took portaits of himself and of his drawings.

The filmmaker saw a match between these images and the song, edited it with a few tools and created a film without the use of a video camera.

A calm music video with a subtle mood of its own to be discovered emerged...