Arts Interplay II improvised music meets live painting, film, dance

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Günter Christmann created several super 8 films for live performances with music and dance. While he plays the cello and trombone,  Elke Schipper works two film projectors.

la mèmoire et la main (1985)       *
Barre Phillips - bass

all along the line (1992)
Michael Griener - drums
Florian Bilbao - dance

explico (1984)
Günter Christmann - trombone 

la cour des choses
Barre Phillips - bass

cellophan (1982)                          *
Günter Christmann - cello 

* included on ARTS INTERPLAY FilmPals DVD 02


     interlinear lingoo

Helge Leiberg - noise painting
Fine Kwiatkowski - dance
Lothar Fiedler - guitar, electronics
Dietmar Diesner - saxophone/laptop

This group‘s art performance consists of large-scale projected live painting by Helge Leiberg projected both onto the stage and the dancer Fine Kwiatkowski;  painter and dancer create inspired by the the musicians‘ ‚noise‘ - and vice versa.


Petra Dolleman - live visuals
Peter van Bergen - sax, electronics

Petra Dolleman combines prepared video sources with live images, drawing, and video filming, while interacting with accoustic and electronic sounds by Peter van Bergen.


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