Roy Campbell                  Maria Mitchell                            John Betsch                                     Barre Phillips

1. WHAT‘S THAT 53’

features trumpeter, flutist, and player of flügelhorn & small, noisy things ROY CAMPBELL, please see his website for a long list of accomplishments, recordings, and bands. 
JOHN BETSCH is literally stick throwing on drums in synch with dancer MARIA MITCHELL, joined by the versatile double bassist BARRE PHILLIPS.

Maria Mitchell moves in and out of sight, gives the musicians their space, joins them when the spirit calls and takes hers, while they observe and respond to her moves. After a subtle five part journey through lyrical jazzy improvisation, the piece culminates in a playfully spoken word encounter, which leads to the title WHAT‘S THAT.


                                ©Jeff Schlanger, musicWitness®

Painting music witness in the dark of the first row is artist JEFF SCHLANGER known throughout the jazz world through his incredible live-performance paintings of which many have graced the covers of many albums. With pens and brushes in both hands he creates vibrant, colorful paintings, finishing his portraits of groups of musicians inside their music as the last notes are ringing in the air – some can be seen in the video, including his depiction of WHAT‘S THAT.

illuminates through Jeff Schlanger‘s „testimony“ his way of working and is showing  more of his paintings and sculptures around his studio, taken from a rippled DVD excerpt, thanks to video director Robert O‘Haire.

3. LA MÉMOIRE ET LA MAIN 7‘ Barre Phillips b

CELLOPHAN 7‘ Günter Christmann on cello

GÜNTER CHRISTMANN is a free-improvising European trombonist, cellist and artist, who  has created several films for live performances with music and dance, which he also directs. While Günter Christmann plays the cello,  his assistant Elke Schipper works two film projectors.


1. WHAT’S THAT 53‘ Jazz music/dance/musicWitness® paintings

2. SPIRITWORLD 12‘ DVD excerpt featuring artist Jeff Schlanger mW®

3. LA MÉMOIRE ET LA MAIN 7‘ Barre Phillips on bass         
CELLOPHAN 7‘ Günter Christmann on cello                                    
    Two short films from a series created for projection with
    improvised music performance by Günter Christmann.

BASS QUARTET 20‘ Master & class on double bass     
    Barre Phillips & 
Jan Roder, Berit Jung, Konrad Grüneberg

    Filmed at INTERPLAY ! BERLIN  2006, a festival collaboration
    by FMP/Helma Schleif  &  FilmPals/Ebba Jahn
    Camera: Frank N & Wulf Jahn  I  Sound: Hrólfur Vagnnson

    Video directed, edited, produced by Ebba Jahn/FilmPals


DVD ARTS INTERPLAY features three of

BARRE PHILLIPS‘  many facets:

WHAT‘S THAT is a music & dance collaboration with trumpeter and flutist Roy Campbell, drummer John Betsch and dancer Maria Mitchell.

LA MÉMOIRE ET LA MAIN has Barre Phillips performing solo infront of an experimental film work
by trombonist and cellist GÜNTER CHRISTMANN.

4. BASS QUARTET  20‘ master & class on double bass
is a complete after-workshop performance lead by Barre Phillips, joined by three bass players
from Berlin:

JAN RODER is a sought-after bassist within the improvising Berlin jazz scene and a member of the band „Die Enttäuschung“, a group which recorded
albums of their own compsitions, as well as "Monks Casino", the complete works by Thelonius Monk, featuring Alexander von Schlippenbach on piano.

BERIT JUNG is playing double bass since age 17
and graduated 2006 from the Hans-Eisler College for Music in Berlin. She performs as a soloist for double bass and voice and is a member of these jazz-ensembles: Kulturkapelle, Gleichwiederda, Severinos Töchter, Cassis, Ensemble Experimente - Ensemble für Neue Musik.

took a workshop with

Barre Phillips as long as both were in Berlin.

BARRE PHILLIPS was born in San Francisco and began playing the double bass at age 13, went  to New York City in 1962 and studied with Frederick Zimmermann. His years in New York during the 60s brought him into contact with the avant-garde jazz scene. In 1964 he appeared as a soloist with the New York Philharmonics (Improvisations, by L. Austin) and made his first trip to Europe as member of the George Russell Sextet (w/ Joe Farrell, Garnet Brown, Thad Jones, Tutti Heath and Russell).

In 1967, during a stay in London following a tour with the Jimmy Giuffre Trio (w/ Don Friedman and Giuffre), he was offered a role in the French film by Marcel Camus - "Le Temps Fou", a tour of Europe with the Marion Brown Trio (w/ Steve McCall and Brown) and a solo theater music commission in Aix-en-Provence, France. He lives in the south of France since then, 1972.

As much a composer as performer,  Barre Phillips has worked in the areas of film, ballet and theater throughout the years. He has composed music for feature films of Robert Kramer, Jacques Rivette, William Friedkin, among others as well as a score of ballets (Carolyn Carlson and the Paris Opera, Dominique Petit, Yette Resal, Artefacte ...) and theater music for several contemporary plays.
He also regularly receives commissions for new concert performance pieces, music festivals and radio

Parallel Barre Phillips has continued to perform, and recorded over 100 records, 30 of them under his own name. Barre is in constant demand throughout Europe, North America and Japan as a soloist and improviser. His stage experience spans a wide range of musical styles, from Coleman Hawkins to Cecil Taylor to Interactive Electronic music.
His work in the 1970s with John Surman and Stu Martin, "THE TRIO", became a model in itself, and influenced many younger musicians.

Among the countless artists Barre has played with, on stage or record are: Coleman Hawkins, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Chick Corea, George Russell, Lee Konitz, Charlie Mariano, Peter Nero, Michel Portal, Albert Mangelsdorff, Martial Solal, Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Don Ellis, Joachim Kuhn, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Ornette Coleman, Joëlle Léandre, Cecil Taylor, Irene Schweitzer, Pierre Favre, Kazue Sawai ...
During his New York years he played in Big Bands- Maynard Ferguson, Louis Belsen - the N.Y. Philhamonics under Leonard Bernstein, accompanied singers e.g. Gloria Lynn, Sheila Jordan, Jeanne Lee, Bobby McFerrin, Jay Clayton, Colette Magny.

He is also an active teacher and has led workshops regularly since 1976 in Europe, America and Japan
for double bass, improvised music and music for contemporary dance.

Double sided DVD 10  PAL / NTSC (all regions) 

Length: 100 minutes / Format: 4:3

Comes with original musicWitness®  card 'Preach / Gayle', 1993

JOHN BETSCH was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1945 and presently lives in Paris. His mother was a church organist and pianist and his sister a dramatic soprano singer. John began playing drums at age nine and started playing professionally at 18 while a student at Fisk University. He continued his studies at the Berklee School of Music and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst under Max Roach and Archie Shepp; John also taught at U. Mass. and in state prison education programs. Moving to New York City in '75, he played drums with the Ted Daniel big band, Jeanne Lee, Abbey Lincoln, Dewey Redman, and others. John has toured extensively in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Africa, notably with Max Roach (Newport, '74), Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre ('76), Abdullah Ibrahim and Dewey Redman ('79), and Steve Lacy (for many years, up until Mr. Lacy's recent passing). A partial John Betsch discography includes more than 3O recordings with Billy Bang, the John Betsch Society, Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim), Marilyn Crispell, Steve Lacy, Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre, Jim Pepper, Archie Shepp, Henry Threadgill, Mal Waldron, and others, on labels including Chiaroscuro, Enja, RCA Novus, Sackville, Soul Note, Strata East, and Verve.

In Ebba Jahn‘s Film „Rising Tones Cross“ (1984)  John Betsch  appears with Peter Kowald and Charles Gayle, and also with the Charles Tyler Quintet including Roy Campbell on trumpet.
Maria Mitchell can be seen dancing as well.

MARIA  MITCHELL is a skilled and expressive dancer whose very presence on stage is mesmerizing. She has shared the bill with such jazz greats as Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Henry Grimes, Billy Bang, Terry Jenoure and other innovative musical improvisers. Capturing the eye of international audiences, Mitchell’s expressive style, fierce energy, and sensitive timing display an impressive range of dance training and other influences on her work. These include modern and jazz techniques, traditional West African movement, the healing arts, and a long-standing passion for African American literary work. Moreover, her many years as a gifted educator working with children, teachers, and community social workers has earned her a reputation as an intuitive and highly effective educator.

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musicWitness ® Review  January 2009

...Jahn’s direction and editing is beautifully done, getting the best out of the available filmed material and remaining true to the spirit and intent of the live event...

...ARTS INTERPLAY as a whole is an important contribution to the exposition of possibilities of dynamic expression offered by improvised interaction between the arts of dance, music, painting and film... >>>Reviews_ARTS_INTERPLAY.htmlhttp://www.cadencebuilding.comReviews_ARTS_INTERPLAY.htmlKunstMarktArtShop_.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3



Looping in
Video Room Arts Interplay
Foto-Kunst-Etage Stadtmission,  Berlin - Neukölln
June 26 - 28, 2009


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